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Local to Global: Geographic Connections

Welcome to Local to Global:Geographic Connections, a fully developed learning unit created by the Texas Alliance for Geographic Education and designed to provide rigorous, in-depth lessons on geographic concepts for 4th-8th grade students and teachers. This series of lessons informs students about the often-overlooked connections they encounter every day, exploring how and why people, ideas, and objects share links through space and time. This unit has a strong regional focus on Texas and the United States and also includes global extension topics. The content provided within the five geographic modules (Spatial Skills, Physical Systems, Human Systems, Places and Regions, and Environment and Society) includes case studies, state and national standards, embedded media and online resources, lesson planning, and much more.

You can choose to organize the overview book of 40 pages (00 LocaltoGlobal.pdf) and then instructional material supplements individually. Or, you can download each topic individually in a zip file. We have provided multiple file types to ensure easier access. If you have any questions, please contact us at or 512.245.3827.

Local to Global (PDF, 3.11MB)
Local to Global Spatial Skills: NFL Geography (PDF, 1.52MB)
SS TEKS 6(3)ABD, 6(23)B
Local to Global Spatial Skills: Texas Independence Trail (PDF, 1.46MB)
SS TEKS 4(3)A, 4(6)B, 4(21)B
Local to Global Places and Regions: Middle East (PDF, 1.43MB)
SS TEKS 6(3)A, 6(4)BCE, 6(15)A