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Geo-Ed Policy

Why Geography Is Important

From crisis mapping to city planning, geographers provide critical insight and skills that are valued by employers and public sector policy-makers.


  • contribute to making choices about the best locations for businesses and services.
  • manage natural resources including water, minerals, and natural gas.
  • understand patterns of energy production and consumption.
  • address human and natural threats to American safety and security.

Having dedicated K-12 geography courses sets the foundation for students to acquire the skills and abilities to use maps, imagery, and geospatial technologies to investigate significant spatial and environmental issues.

For more information also watch Geospatial Revolution and visit the Grosvenor Center for Why Geography Is Important booklets.

Without geography, you're nowhere!

Geography in Texas 2018 UPDATED (PDF, 1 MB)
Update on enrollment, policy, and APHG in 2017-18.
Geography in the Texas K-12 Curriculum (2017) (PDF, 824 KB)
Update on enrollment, policy, and APHG in 2016-17.
Texas High School Geography Course Options (PDF, 268 KB)
2018 Update. Overview of high school geography course options in Texas.
Changes to AP and IB 2015 (PDF, 99 KB)
TEA clarification on TEKS in the Advanced Placement (AP) Human Geography & International Baccalaureate (IB) courses.
Reasons for 4 Years of Social Studies (PDF, 379 KB)
Reasons for students to take four years of high school social studies.