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Teacher Resources

Below are some of the teacher resources. The list is growing, so check back for more resources.

If you have any recommendations, please email Thank you!

TAGE Where? Why there? Why care? Poster (pdf)

Supplemental Worksheet for Where? Why there? Why Care? Poster (Google Doc for easy customization)

A Road Map to Geography in the Classroom (podcast)

Brock Brown Essay (PDF, 147 KB)
Geographical Summary of Earth as Natural/Physical Environmental System and Humans Interacting with the System
ArcGIS Online 5x5 (DOCX, 34 KB)
5 activities you can do in 5 minutes each.
ArcGIS Online 5x5 (PDF, 584 KB)
5 activities you can do in 5 minutes each.
GIS Day in the Classroom (PDF, 2 MB)
GIS Day implementation guide. For more, check out
The ABCs of Everyday Places and Landscapes (PDF, 95 KB)
"Stuff to think about when observing a particular place."
Understanding Geography Themes graphic for teachers (PDF, 203 KB)
Basic Themes of Geography. Graphic by Phil Gersmehl.