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State of the State Standards


This longitudinal research project of the Gilbert M. Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education, investigates State Middle School and High School Geography Standards and Course Requirements. The purpose of the research is to examine the status of geography within social studies standards and course requirements in the United States and the District of Columbia, examining each state separately.  The data is used to create tables with informational pages about each state in the last section of the report. 

While many states include the teaching and learning of geographic concepts, knowledge, and skills within their K-12 curriculum, the focus of the survey is the presence of geography standards and course requirements from sixth grade to twelfth grade.  The research does not aim to identify geography taught at the kindergarten to fifth grade levels because social studies courses at these grade levels generally encompass a mixture of social studies subject matter areas. We must also note that the U.S. K-12 education system is in constant flux and different priorities often impact state standards and graduation requirements, especially for social studies, and for geography, in particular. 

The original intent of this collection of social studies standards/strands information was to provide data for longitudinal analysis of trends in social studies/geography emphasis on a state by state basis. This has proven to be very difficult, as states have changed their definitions, course titles, and graduation requirements. We hope that this document proves useful, but we caution researchers to look deeper, when and if changes are apparent, from year to year. You may simply be looking at a varying definition rather than a more substantive matter, such as a change in teaching and learning requirements. 

Social Studies and Geography Survey of Middle and High Schools

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