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Grosvenor Lecture Series

The Grosvenor Distinguished Lecture Series is an annual event that features prominent geographers and public figures to whom geographic education has great meaning.

Dr. Alec Murphy

Dr. Alec Murphy

Alexander B. Murphy is Professor of Geography at the University of Oregon, where he holds the James F. and Shirley K. Rippey Chair in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Dr. Murphy is a political-cultural geographer with regional specialties in Europe and the Middle East. His work focuses on the ways in which the changing political organization of space reflects and shapes ethnic, socio-economic, and environmental processes; the foundations and consequences of influential geopolitical ideas and assumptions; the role of legal and political arrangements in mediating human-environment relations; and the importance of geographical education for efforts to address critical challenges facing the contemporary world.


The Gilbert M. Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education is proud to host its 

19th Annual Distinguished Lecture

Dr. Alexander Murphy


“Coping with a Fast-Changing World: Why Geography Matters”


Drawing on his latest book, Geography: Why It Matters, Murphy makes the case that a discipline concerned with how people, environments, and places are organized and interconnected is of vital importance in today's fast-changing world. He also considers geography's importance to a liberal education, arguing that "we all need geography".


19th Grosvenor Distinguished Lecture: Dr. Alec Murphy

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