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Going To Texas Book

Going to Texas cover

The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education has been lucky enough to get over 900 copies of this Texas history hardcover book curated by The Center for Texas Studies at TCU, called Going to Texas: Five Centuries of Texas Maps

This book is perfect for a Texas history teacher or any Texas historical buff. It can make the perfect present, coffee table decor, or classroom resource.  

This handsomely illustrated book traces the history of the Lone Star State through color plates of sixty-four historic Texas maps from the Yana and Marty Davis Map Collection, Alpine, and includes ten original essays written by noted historians.

The maps range from the earliest sixteenth-century maps of New Spain to early settlement, the Republic and statehood, and into the twenty-first century. These objects are not only historical documents but also served to promote settlement or development of Texas, to chart transport lines, and to guide the military. The earliest maps demonstrate cartography as an art that only centuries later evolved into a science. 

The accompanying essays cover the Spanish exploration, the Louisiana Purchase and the Texas borderlands, empresario settlement, the Republic of Texas, the Trans-Pecos, statehood and the Confederacy, the end of the nineteenth century, the Mexican wars, and Texas in the twentieth century. They provided the historical context in which the maps should be viewed.

The maps are presented not only as historical artifacts but also as representations of culture, art, politics and the great trends of industrialization and westward expansion. They reflect much of the American movement toward Manifest Destiny and the creation of the myths of "The West". The collection serves not only to illustrate Texas history but also American and European cultures over the centuries. Both the map collector and the amateur will benefit from reading this catalog. 

Copies of the book are available to purchase for $25.00. This price includes shipping and handling costs for U.S. residents.
Outside of the U.S. there is an additional cost for shipping and handling. 


** A discount is available for classroom teachers, for $10.00/book. Please let us know if you are a classroom teacher when you request your copy. **



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