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About Us

About The Texas Center for Geographic Information Science

The Texas Center for Geographic Information Science (TxGISci) in the Department of Geography of Texas State University is a research, education, and outreach entity that specializes in geographic information science and technology. The vision of the center is to improve human life and the natural environment through advancing human knowledge in GIScience and applying that knowledge to address pressing issues in the real world.

The mission of the center is:

  • To conduct original research in GIScience that will result in significant scientific and social benefits;
  • To educate and train highly skilled professionals and scholars in GIScience and its application areas; and
  • To serve Texas, the United States, and the world through the advancement and utilization of GIScience and related technologies.

Goals and Objectives

The center will strive to achieve these goals:

  • To establish a research community of GIScience in the Department of Geography and the Texas State campus that will foster team work and collaboration among researchers, educators, and students who are interested in GIScience and its applications;
  • To develop a set of viable research areas in GIScience that will attract sustained research funding from local, state, national, and international funding agencies;
  • To improve scholarly research in GIScience at Texas State and bring the program to national and international recognition;
  • To serve the education and training needs in GIScience, its related technologies and applications in the state of Texas;

To foster national and international corporations among researchers, educators, and practitioners in GIScience and technology.

Focused Areas of Research and Education

Focused areas of the GIScienceCenter in research and education will include, but are not limited to:

  •  Basic research that advances GIScience 
  •  GIScience and Public Health
  •  GIScience and Sustainability Science
  •  GIScience and earth systems science
  •  GIScience and homeland security
  •  GIScience and water resources
  •  GIScience and urban and regional studies
  •  GIScience education and training