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Student Urban Planners Organization (SUPO)

SUPO Officers

President: Ariana Martinez (Xkj8)
Vice President: Sam Won (ihl10)
Treasurer: Sydnie Hansen (jtz10)
Secretary: Jaydon Allison (jwa63)
Event planner: Riley Belcher (AZQ4)
Public relations: Nicolas Border (Ppw4)
APA liaison: Elizabeth McNamara (ylw15)


Mission and Goals

Our mission at SUPO is to create an environment for anyone who is interested in urban planning to learn more about the career through hands-on experience. By going on trips, inviting guest speakers, and volunteer events, SUPO aims to go beyond the reaches of the classroom to provide a glimpse into what the field of urban geography has to offer.

Faculty Advisor

rosalie ray

Dr. Rosalie Ray