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Texas Atlas Project

The Texas Atlas Project creates thematic atlases about important Texas topics in the 21st  century to provide visualizations of geospatial data for policymakers, researchers, students, and the general public. The Texas Atlas Project has published four atlases, the first was a commercial venture and the other three were university peer-reviewed books:

(1) School Atlas of Texas (Benson Publishing, 2001, 7th-grade level, first of its kind sold more than 30,000 copies);
(2) Texas Water Atlas (Texas A&M Press, 2008, featured at the Texas Book Festival);
(3) Texas Health Atlas (Texas A&M Press, 2012, honored as the Reference Source Book of the Year by the Texas Library Association);
(4) Texas Crime Atlas (Center for the Study of the Southwest, 2013, e-book);
(5) Texas Education Atlas (Texas State Department of Geography, 2015, interactive e-book).
The five atlases are shown in the carousel below with links to each atlas.

The next volume in the Texas Atlas Collection will be the Texas Economic Atlas, another interactive Web-based structure.

Dr. Lawrence Estaville founded the Texas Atlas Project in 2000 as a component of the Department of Geography at Texas State University. The Texas Atlas Project work, a service to the State of Texas, is supported by the Geography Department, book royalties, and donations.

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