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Graduate Student Forum (GSF)

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The Graduate Student Forum is a group for all master's and Ph.D. students in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Texas State University. It's a social group and an open forum to meet others, exchange ideas and research topics, get advice on navigating grad school, organize outings, and keep each other (relatively) sane through the degree process.

GSF Officers

heather swienton

Heather Swienton
Ph.D.  Co-President
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keenon lindsey photo

Keenon Lindsey
Ph.D. Vice President
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adam clark

Adam Clark
Ph.D.  Faculty Representative
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marie white photo

Marie White
Ph.D. Faculty Representative
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greyson wylie

Greyson Wylie
GeoCat Blog Editor
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hilary ansah

Hilary Ansah
Diversity and Inclusion Committee Representative
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khan bis asad

Khan Bin Asad
Diversity and Inclusion Committee Representative
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kendahl Hejl

Kendahl Hejl
Master's Co-President
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xiu wu

Xiu Wu
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garrett pugh photo

Garrett Pugh
Masters  Faculty Representative

bren vander weil

Bren Vander Weil
Colloquium Committee Representative, Community Organizer
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binay thapa

Binay Thapa
Community Organizer
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tighearnan juarez murphy photo

Tighearnan Juarez Murphy
Community Organizer
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sophia staska photo

Sophia Staska
Colloquium Committee Representative, Community Organizer
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geogradcookbook-1 (PDF, 32.7MB)

Mission and Goals

Be a community resource to our graduate students! Focusing on community building, service, faculty involvement, and increase visibility for our program.

  1. Celebrate us as people and create visibility
  2. Be an active resource for our grad students
  3. Foster relationships and community through mentorship

Faculty Advisor

ronald hagelman photo

Dr. Ron Hagelman