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The Texas Atlas Project in the Department of Geography at Texas State University created the Texas Education Atlas. We thank atlas production staff members Xujiao Wang and Ritchie Jose for their diligent efforts in helping gather and verify pertinent data and Charles Robinson and Daniel Hemenway, the department’s outstanding computer analysts, for their superb work in configuring and managing our computer systems. Thanks also to Frank van Cappelle, General Manager of the firm StatSilk, for his critical technical guidance and Angelika Wahl, Texas State Geography Department Office Manager, for her indispensable work in completing the atlas. Zoë Zell designed the cover of the Texas Education Atlas.

We are grateful to the Department of Geography at Texas State University, particularly Chair Alberto Giordano, for funding components of the production of the Texas Education Atlas and for the department’s unwavering support of the Texas Atlas Project as it publishes the Texas Atlas Collection, a series of thematic atlases that display essential geospatial data and analysis about Texas in the early decades of the 21st Century. We also thank the six peer reviewers for their insightful guidance and suggestions that strengthened our work on the Texas Education Atlas.