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Thomas Ptak

thomas ptak

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Geography, University of Oregon, 2016
Office:   ELA 366
Phone:  512.245.3202
Vita       HB2504 Information
Research Interests:  energy transitions & society, climate change & sustainability, water resources & hydropower, borders

Courses Taught:

GEO 2310 Global Environmental Change
GEO 3333 East Asia
GEO 3321 Energy Resource Management


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2022. Ptak, T., Crootof, A., Harlan, T., Kelly, S. Critically Evaluating the Purported Global “Boom” in Small Hydropower Development
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2021. Crootof A, Shrestha R, Albrecht T, Ptak T., Scott CA. Sacrificing the local to support the national: Politics, sustainability, and
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2021. Ptak, T., Konrad, V. Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones: How Borders, Energy Development and Ongoing Experimentation Shape
           the Dynamic Transformation of Yunnan Province, Journal of Borderland Studies
2021. Haltinner, K., Sarathchandra, D., Ptak, T. Climate Change as a Conspiracy Affects Skeptics’ Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors,
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2021. Nagel, A. Ptak, T. Approaching obsolescence? A multi-criteria analysis of high-risk dams in the United States Pacific Northwest,
           International Journal of Water Resources Development
2021. Ptak, T. Small Hydropower for Electricity and Modernity: Impacts on the Everyday Lives of Minority Communities in Yunnan’s Nu River
           Valley, in The Political Economy of Hydropower in Southwest China and beyond, Palgrave Macmillan, J.F. Rousseau & S.
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2020. Abatzoglou, J., Smith, C., Swain, D., Ptak, T., Kolden, C. Population exposure to pre-emptive de-energization aimed at averting wildfires in
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