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Soe Myint

soe myint

Professor and Meadows Endowed Chair
Honorary Professor of International Studies, College of Liberal Arts
Chief Conservation Officer, The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment
Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 2001
Office: ELA 367A
Phone: 512.245.0382
Research Interests: remote sensing, geospatial technology, environmental issues, water use and management, landscape ecology, ecosystem services


Zhu, Y., S.W. Myint, X. Feng, and Y. Li, 2023. An innovative scheme to confront the trade-off between water conservation and heat alleviation with environmental justice for urban sustainability: The case of Phoenix, Arizona. AGU Advances, 4, e2022AV000816. https://doi. org/10.1029/2022AV000816 (selected by the AGU for featuring on here as the Editor’s Highlight. Fewer than 2 percent of papers are selected to be featured by the AGU).

Schaffer-Smith, D., DeMeester, J. E., Tong, D., Myint, S. W., Libera, D. A., & Muenich, R. L. (2023). Landscape pollution source dynamics highlight priority locations for basin-scale interventions to protect water quality under hydroclimatic variability. Earth's Future, 11, e2022EF003137.

Shi, D, J. Song, Q. Zhong, S.W. Myint, P. Zeng, Y. Che, 2023. Cooling wisdom of ‘water towns’: How urban river networks can shape city climate?, Remote Sensing of Environment, 300 (2024) 113925,

Zhu, Y., S.W. Myint, D. Schaffer-Smith, D.J. Sauchyn, X. Xu, J.M. Piwowar, and Y. Li, 2022. Examining ground and surface water changes in response to environmental variables, land use dynamics, and socioeconomic changes in Canada, Journal of Environmental Management, 322(15 November 2022), 115875,

Li, Y., D. Schaffer-Smith, S.W. Myint, Y. Zhu, 2022. Monitoring ecological and environmental stress patterns over the past two decades in the Mekong River basin, GIScience and Remote Sensing, 59:1, 1817-1836,DOI: 10.1080/15481603.2022.2139387

Zhu, Y., S.W. Myint, D. Schaffer-Smith, R.L. Muenich, D. Tong, Y. Li, 2022. Formulating operational mitigation options and examining intra-urban social inequality using evidence-based urban warming effects, Frontiers in Environmental Science, 9:795474.

Zhang, Y., G. Chen, S.W. Myint, Y. Zhou, G.J. Hay, J. Vukomanovic, R.K. Meentemeyer, 2022. UrbanWatch: A 1-meter resolution land cover and land use database for 22 major cities in the United States, Remote Sensing of Environment, 278, 113106,

Myint, S.W., Aggarwal, R., Zheng, B.;Wentz, E.A.; Holway, J., Fan, C.; Selover, N.J., Wang, C., Fischer, H.A. 2021. Adaptive Crop Management under Climate Uncertainty: Changing the Game for Sustainable Water Use. Atmosphere 2021, 12, 1080.

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Li, Y., and S.W. Myint, 2021. Fine Resolution Air Quality Dynamics of Socioeconomic Factors and Land Use Land Cover Types in the Most Polluted Desert Metropolitan in the American Southwest, Science of the Total Environment (STOTEN), 788, 147713. DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.147713 

Schaffer-Smith, D., S.W. Myint, R.L. Muenich, D. Tong, and J.E. DeMeester, 2020. Repeated hurricanes reveal risks and opportunities for social-ecological resilience to flooding and water quality problems, Environmental Science & Technology, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.9b07815. 

Fu, P., Xie, Y., Moore, C. E., Myint, S.W., & Bernacchi, C. J., 2019. A comparative analysis of anthropogenic CO2 emissions at city level using OCO‐2 observations: A global perspective. Earth's Future, 7, 1058–1070.

Estoque, R.C., S.W. Myint, C. Wang, A. Ishtiaque, T.T. Aung, L. Emerton, M. Ooba, H. Yasuaki, M.S. Mon, Z. Wang, C. Fan, 2018, Assessing environmental impacts and change in Myanmar’s mangrove ecosystem service value due to deforestation (2000-2014), Global Change Biology, 24(11):5391-5410. doi: 10.1111/gcb.14409. 

Fu, P., Y. Xie, , S.W. Myint, K. Meacham-Hensold, and C. Bernacchi, 2019. A physical model-based method for retrieving urban land surface temperatures under cloudy conditions, Remote Sensing of Environment, 230, 111191

Estoque, R.C., Y. Murayama, R. Lasco, S. W. Myint, F.B. Pulhin, C. Wang, M. Ooba, Y. Hijioka, 2018. Changes in the Landscape Pattern of the La Mesa Watershed – The Last 2 Ecological Frontier of Metro Manila, Philippines, Forest Ecology and Management, 430(2018): 280-290. 

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