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Sarah Blue

sarah blue

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Geography, University of California, Los Angeles, 2004
Office:  ELA 332
Phone: 512.245.2536
Vita      HP2504 information
Research Interests: Migration, Gender, Political Geography, Development Studies


Refereed Journal Articles:

Jokisch, Brad and Sarah A. Blue. 2024 (forthcoming). Increased Family and Child Migration to the United States from Latin America and the Caribbean: the Paradox of Protecting Children’s Rights Journal of Latin American Geography.

Hartsell, Alisa and Sarah A. Blue. 2023. Legal Bordering of Asylum through Liminality, Political Geography,

Blue, Sarah A. and Alisa Hartsell. 2023. Producing ‘Illegality’: The Racialization of Mexican and Central American Asylum Seekers in the United States, Geographic Review.

 Torres, Rebecca, Kate Swanson, Caroline Faria, Tamara Segura, Sarah A. Blue. 2022. Bordering through care and control: Policing and sheltering Central American migrant youth in Mexico, Political Geography,

Torres, Rebecca, Sarah A. Blue, Caroline Faria, Tamara Segura, Kate Swanson. 2022. “Asylum is not for Mexicans”: Unaccompanied Youth and Racio-Governance at the US Border, Geopolitics,

Blue, Sarah A., Amy Trauger, Hilda Kurtz, Jason Dittmer. 2021. Food Sovereignty and Property in Cuba and the United States, Journal of Peasant Studies,

Blue, Sarah A.; Devine, Jennifer A.; Ruiz, Matthew P.; McDaniel, Kathryn; Hartsell, Alisa R.; Pierce, Christopher J.; Johnson, Makayla; Tinglov, Allison K.; Yang, Mei; Wu, Xiu; Moya, Sara; Cross, Elle; Starnes, Carol A. 2021. Im/Mobility at the US–Mexico Border during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Social Sciences, 10(2): 47.

Blue Sarah A. 2021. Gendered constraints on a strategy of regional mobility: Latino/a migration to postKatrina New Orleans. Area, 53(1): 175–182.

Hilda Kurtz, Jason Dittmer, Amy Trauger, Sarah A. Blue. 2021. Organic Certification as Assemblage: The Case of Cuban Honey, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 46(2): 299-313.

 Blue, Sarah A., Alisa Hartsell, Rebecca M. Torres, Paul Flynn. 2020. The Uneven Geography of Asylum and Humanitarian Relief: Place-Based Precarity for Central American Migrant Youth in the United States Judicial System, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies,

 Thompson, Amy, Rebecca Torres, Kate Swanson, Sarah A. Blue, Óscar Misael Hernández Hernández. 2019. Re-Conceptualising Agency in Migrant Children from Central America and  Mexico, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 45(2): 235-252, DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2017.1404258

Blue, Sarah A. and Monica Zappa. 2016. Twenty Years after the Storm: Hurricane Vulnerability in Bluefields, Nicaragua, The Southwestern Geographer, 19: 28-40.

Holmes, Melissa and Sarah A. Blue. 2013. Chinatown, Ethnoburb, or Invisiburb?: Changing Settlement Patterns of Chinese Migrants to Texas, Papers in Applied Geography, 36: 467-477.

Blue, Sarah A. 2013. Internationalism’s Remittances: The Impact of Temporary Migration on Cuban Society, The International Journal of Cuban Studies, 5(1): 41-60.

Blue, Sarah A. and Anita I. Drever. 2011. Subcontracting Work via Social Networks: Migrant Latino Labor and the Re-Building of New Orleans, Population, Space & Place, 17(5): 489-504.

Drever, Anita I. and Sarah A. Blue. 2011. Surviving Sin Papeles in Post-Katrina New Orleans:  An Exploration of The Challenges Facing Undocumented Immigrants in New and Re-Emerging Latino Destinations, Population, Space & Place, 17(1): 89-102.

Blue, Sarah A. 2010. Cuban Medical Internationalism: Domestic and International Impacts, Journal of Latin American Geography, 9(1): 31-49.

 Blue, Sarah A. 2007. The Erosion of Racial Equality in the Context of Cuba’s Dual Economy, Latin American Politics and Society, 49(3): 35-68.

 Blue, Sarah A. 2005. Including Women in Development: Guatemalan Refugees and Local NGOs. Latin American Perspectives, 32(5): 101-117.

 Blue, Sarah A. 2004. State Policy, Economic Crisis, Gender, and Family Ties: Determinants of Family Remittances to Cuba. Economic Geography, 80(1): 63-82.

 Clark, William A.V. and Sarah A. Blue. 2004. Race, Class and Segregation Patterns in U.S. Immigrant Gateway Cities. Urban Affairs Review, 39(6): 667-688.

Chapters in Books: (refereed)

Miles, Caroline, Elizabeth Chacko, Marie Price, Sarah Blue, Jennifer Devine, Carla Angulo-Pasel. 2025. Performing Protection: A Confrontation between National Narrative and Migrant Bodies at the US-Mexico Border, accepted, in revision.

Torres, Rebecca Maria, Kate Swanson, Sarah A. Blue, and Tamara Segura Herrerra. 2024. 'Child Guides and Migration on the US-Mexico Border,' in The Oxford Handbook of Migrant Children and the Child-Centered Approach, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Blue, Sarah A. and Mary Stycos. 2022. Local Newspaper Coverage of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Two Major Texas Cities: A Visual Comparison of Houston and El Paso, chapter 31 in Brunn, Stanley D. and Donna Gilbreath, eds. COVID-19 and an Emerging World of Ad Hoc Geographies, New York, NY: Springer.

Blue, Sarah A. 2015. Using Immigrant Interviews in Teaching Latin American Geography, in Estaville, Lawrence, Edris Montalvo and Fenda Akiwumi, eds. Teaching Ethnic Geography in the 21st Century. National Council on Geographic Education.

Blue, Sarah A. 2005. From Exiles to Transnationals?: Changing State Policy and the Emergence of Cuban Transnationalism, in Fernández, D. ed. Cuban Transnationalism, Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida.

Courses Taught:

Geographic Analysis
Advanced Geographic Research Design
Qualitative Research Methods
International Migration
World Geography
Geography of Latin America
Political Geography
Population Geography
Gender and Development
Field Studies: Cuba Study Abroad