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Jennifer Devine

jennifer devine photo

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 2013
Office: ELA 336
Phone: 512.245.3937
Vita     HB2504 information
Personal Website
Research Interests: Human-environmental relations, Latin American - US politics, critical social theory



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2020. Devine, J., D. Ojeda, M. Yei "Formaciones actuales de lo campesino en América Latina: Subjetividades y territorios en disputa (Current dynamics of the Latin America peasantry: Subjectivities and disputed territories),"Antipoda: Jornada de Anthropología y Arqueología, available:

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2020. Devine, J., N. Currit, Y. Reygadas, L. Liller, G. Allen. "Drug Trafficking, Cattle Ranching and Land Use Change in Guatemala's Maya Biosphere, "Land Use Policy, available:

  • Nominated for an Elsevier May 2020 Atlas award dedicated to UN Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Land

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Courses Taught:

Geography 3340: Political Geography
Geography 5300: Applied Research Design and Techniques
Geography 5395/7373: Qualitative Methods
Geography 5395/7373: Political Geography