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David R Butler

david r butler
David R Butler

Texas State University System Regents' Professor Emeritus and University Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Geography, University of Kansas, 1982
Research Interests: Zoogeomorphology, Dendrogeomorphology, Mountain Geomorphology, Mountain Biogeography, Mountain Environments and Environmental Change, Geomorphology in the Anthropocene, History and Philosophy of Geography, Glacier National Park (Montana)

Selected Publications:

Recent Books Authored:

Butler, David R., 2022.  The Civilian Conservation Corps in Glacier National Park, Montana.  America Through Time: Charleston, SC, 128 pages.

Butler, David R., 2022.  Early Photographers of Glacier National Park.  America Through Time: Charleston, SC, 96 pages.

Butler, David R., 2023.  Pioneering Women of Glacier National Park.  America Through Time: Charleston, SC, 128 pages.

Butler, David R., 2024.  Cowboy Artist Charlie Russell and Glacier National Park.  America Through Time: Charleston, SC, in press.

Recent Books Edited:

Butler, David R. (ed.), 2021.  The Anthropocene.  Routledge: New York City, NY, 366 pages.

Recent Referred Chapters in Books:

Butler, David R., 2021.  Nuclear landforms. In International Encyclopedia of Geography.  John Wiley and American Association of Geographers, New York and Washington, DC, published online, 4 pages

Recent Refereed Journal Papers:

Butler, David R., 2021.  The Anthropocene: A special issue.  Annals of the American Association of Geographers 111(3): 633-637.

Butler, David R., 2021.  Find your special place.  The Geographical Bulletin 62(1), 27-29.

Martin, Ross H., and David R. Butler, 2021.  Trail morphology and impacts to soil induced by a small mountain bike race series.  Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism 35:

McClendon, Aidan K., and David R. Butler, 2022. Anthropogenic resources contribute to settlement of mud-nesting barn swallows (Hirundo rustica) in an arid environment.  Papers in Applied Geography 8(1): 35-49.

Pinon, Andrea, and David R. Butler, 2022.  An analysis of gorillas as zoogeomorphic agents. Revista de Geomorphologie 24(2): 5-15.

Courses Taught:

Undergraduate Level
GEO 2410 Introduction to Physical Geography
GEO 3425 Geomorphology
GEO 4316 Landscape Biogeography

Graduate Level
GEO 7302 Nature and Philosophy of Geography
GEO 7370 Seminar in Environmental Geography (Various Topics, including Dendrogeomorphology, Extremes in Geomorphology, Geomorphology in the Anthropocene, Physical Geography of the National Parks)
GEO 7393B/5393B/5316 Biogeomorphology
GEO 7393K/5393K Biogeography in Mountain Environments