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Samantha Krause

samantha krause photo

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Geography, University of Texas at Austin, 2018
Office:  ELA 360
Vita      HB2504 information
Research Interests: Soil and water geochemistry, tropical wetlands, long term paleoenvironmental change

Selected Publications

Krause, S., T. Beach, S. Luzzadder-Beach, T. Guderjan , F. Valdez, S. Eshleman, C. Doyle, S. Bozarth. (2019). Ancient Maya Wetland Management in Two Watersheds in Belize: Soils, Water, and Paleoenvironmental Change. Quaternary International.

Krause, S., T. Beach, S. Luzzadder-Beach, D. Cook., C. Doyle, S. Eshleman., T. Guderjan. (2019). Wetland geomorphology and paleoecology near Akab Muclil, Rio Bravo floodplain of the Belize coastal plain. Geomorphology.

Beach, T., D. Cook, S. Luzzadder-Beach, S. Krause, C. Doyle, S. Eshleman, G. Wells, N. Dunning, G. Hammond, N. Brokaw, & R. Terry. (2018). Stability and Instability on Tropical Forest, Fluviokarst Hillslopes over the Late Holocene in the Maya Lowlands. Geomorphology.

Beach, T., A. Ulmer, D. Cook, M. Brennan, S. Luzzadder-Beach, C. Doyle, S. Eshleman, S. Krause, M. Cortes-Rincon, & R.Terry. (2018).Geoarchaeology and tropical forest soil catenas of northwestern Belize. Quaternary International.

Luzzadder-Beach, S., T. Beach, T. Garrison, S. Houston, J. Doyle, E. Román, S. Bozarth, R. Terry, S. Krause, and J. Flood. (2017), Paleoecology and Geoarchaeology at El Palmar and the El Zotz Region, Guatemala. Geoarchaeology.

Luzzadder-Beach, S., T. Beach, S. Hutson, and S. Krause (2016). Sky-earth, lake-sea: climate and water in Maya history and landscape. Antiquity, Vol. 90, 426-442.Cambride University Press. Number 2 journal in Archaeology.

Courses Taught:

GEO 1305 Meteorology
GEO 4313 Environmental Management
GEO 4430 Field Methods