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Colleen Myles

colleen myles photo

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Geography, University of California, Davis, 2012
Office:  ELA 341
Phone: 512.245.1327
Vita      HB2504 information
Personal Website
Research Interests: human-environment interactions, cultural and political ecology, qualitative methods


Senese, D., F. Randelli, J. Hull, and C.C. Myles. 2018. “Drinking in the good life: Tourism mobilities and the slow movement in wine country” in Clancy, M. (ed) Slow Tourism, Food and Cities: Pace and the Search for the ‘Good Life.’ New York, NY: Routledge.

Myles, C. C. & J. Breen. 2018. (Micro)movements and microbrew: On craft beer, tourism trails, and material transformation(s) in the city. In Beers, Ciders and Spirits: Craft Beverages and Tourism in the U.S., eds. C. Kline, S. L. Slocum & C. Cavaliere. New York, NY: Palgrave.

Myles, C., & Filan, T. (2017). Boom-and-Bust: (Hi)stories of Landscape Production and Consumption in California’s Sierra Nevada Foothills. Polymath, 7(2), 76-89.

McKinnon, I., P. Hurley, C. Myles, M. Maccaroni, and T. Filan. (2017) Uneven urban metabolisms: Toward an integrative (ex)urban political ecology of sustainability in and around the city. Urban Geography, 1-26.

McKinnon, I. & C. Hiner (2016) Does the region still have relevance?: (Re)considering "regional" political ecology. Journal of Political Ecology, 23, 115-122.

Hiner, C. C. (2016) “Chicken wars”, water fights, and other contested ecologies along the rural-urban interface in California’s Sierra Nevada foothills Journal of Political Ecology, 23, 167-181.

Hiner, C. C. (2016) Beyond the edge and in between: (Re)conceptualizing the rural-urban interface as meaning-model-metaphor. Professional Geographer, 68, 520-531.

Holtkamp, C., T. Shelton, G. Daly, C. C. Hiner & R. Hagelman (2016) Assessing Neolocalism in Microbreweries. Papers in Applied Geography, 2, 66-78.

Hiner, C. C. 2016. Divergent perspectives and contested ecologies: Challenges in environmental management along the rural-urban interface. In A Comparative Political Ecology of Exurbia: Planning, Environmental Management, and Landscape Change, eds. L. Taylor & P. T. Hurley, 51-82. Verlag: Springer.

Hiner, C. (2015) (False) Dichotomies, political ideologies, and preferences for environmental management along the rural-urban interface in Calaveras County, California. Journal of Applied Geography, 65, 13-27.

Hiner, C. (2014) “Been-heres vs. come-heres” and other identities and ideologies along the rural–urban interface: A comparative case study in Calaveras County, California. Land Use Policy, 41, 70-83

Courses Taught:

Applied Research Design and Techniques (graduate)
Managing Urbanization (graduate)
Land Management (graduate) 
Environmental Management (undergraduate)
Cultural (and Political)
Ecology (undergraduate)