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Customized Solutions - Institute for Government Innovation

Texas State Institute for Government Innovation (IGI) is a client-centered consulting organization that utilizes university talent and resources to solve real-world problems.

Our clients outsource projects to us because we supply in-demand fully customizable services with minimal impact to their budget and staffing. We manage all projects in-house and provide regular status updates—allowing our clients to focus on their primary responsibilities. IGI is a steppingstone for our student workers to begin their careers and an opportunity for our clients to get high quality results and a fresh independent perspective. Our custom-built teams use innovative approaches to apply the most efficient solutions. We are suited for small and large projects on a wide variety of topics and have the unique ability to scale up quickly to meet demand.

We provide a broad array of services and specialize in applied research, data collection and analysis, and converting data into actionable information and products.

Other services our custom-built teams have provided include:

  • quantitative and geographic analysis using GIS
  • location analyses
  • as-built utility plans digitization
  • predictive modeling to forecast staffing resource needs
  • primary and secondary research
  • policy analysis
  • development of an award-winning online policy and procedure knowledge library
  • research to influence policy decision making for legislative sessions
  • formulation of 20-year strategic plans
  • development of animated videos and Public Service Announcements
  • website usability analysis and redesign

Our mission is to improve today’s decisions and tomorrow’s decisionmakers.

For further inquiries, please contact:

rebecca davio photo

Dr. Rebecca Davio
Director, Institute for Government Innovation